Tallassee Alabama - Treasure on the Tallapoosa

Tallassee Redevelopment Authority

The Tallassee Redevelopment Authority is a municipal corporation similar to an industrial development board which was created by the City of Tallassee. Its purpose is to revitalize the central business district. The central business district was defined by the City Council and includes all of the downtown area, East Tallassee, the Jordanville area, and most of the four-lane area. Its actual jurisdiction extends three miles beyond the borders of the defined business district, so that the Redevelopment Authority can work with projects most anywhere within the City limits. It is vitally interested in working with the City, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Community Development Corporation in attracting retail into the City's business district. Its powers include the power to assist entrepreneurs with financial arrangements, up to and including bond issues. An example of its efforts is Studio B Dance Studio in the downtown area. The Redevelopment Authority feels strongly that retail development is essential to the overall development of the Tallassee community. Directors serve a six-year term, with three classes of staggered memberships.

Board Members: 
Hank Golden – Chairman       
Steve Burak – Vice – Chairman
Marilyn Durham – Secretary
Holcomb Sterns
Houston Martin
David Lawrence

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