Tallassee Alabama - Treasure on the Tallapoosa

City Jail

214 Barnett Blvd

Tallassee, Alabama 36078


Tallassee City Jail Instruction Sheet

The following is a list of items you cannot bring to the Jail if you are ordered to serve time. Non-Compliance with this list may lead to contraband charges being brought against you.


Items Not Allowed

Cell Phones Tobacco Products

*Food or Drinks Hand or Body Lotions

Skin Care Products *Hair Care Products

Bobby Pins/Hair Pins Jewelry

*Pajamas Large Amount of Cash

*Toothpaste Over the Counter Medications

Candy/Gum/Snacks *Hand Sanitizer/or Soap

*Items provided by the jail

Remove all piercings and/or body jewelry

Prescription Medications must be pre-packaged by the pharmacy.

Allowed Items

One Pair of Clothes Toothbrush (non-electric)

Three Pair of Underwear Three Pair of Socks

One Pair of Shoes Feminine Hygiene Products

Two Pair of Thermal Under Garments

Contact Lens Solutions/Case/Drops


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